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Every hotel faces unique as well as common issues on a daily basis. Technology advances have enabled hotels to make enormous strides in sophistication, and your competitors are benefitting from this too. Hoteliers are thus facing a complex myriad of emerging issues in the face on increases in supply and fluctuations in market demand.

Our consulting services help hotels to make rapid, yet carefully thought out and researched, improvements in Revenue Management implementation, Commercial Strategy Development and Reservations Distribution Technology.

Examples of Consulting Services

  • Activation or rejuvenation of hotel Revenue culture.
  • Revenue systems selection and implementation
  • Change in Rates and Pricing structures
  • Business Intelligence analysis and strategy development
  • Pre-hotel and re-branding support
  • Revenue tools creation

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It is hard to compete on equal terms when you can't access the latest in Distribution technology. Perhaps the ROI is unpalatable, or you simply do not have the skills or resources inhouse to manage this complex and ever-evolving function.

Revenue Performance's Assegai Distribution Service equips hotels with;

  • Seamless connectivity (i.e. direct and not via 3rd party services) to all four GDS systems
  • A fully customised online booking engine for your hotel website
  • Multi lingual, multi currency capability at no extra cost
  • In built channel management capability that provides direct and realtime connectivity with the major Online Travel Agents (OTA's)
  • Google Analytics tracking of each stage of the booking process
  • Customised Dynamic Packaging that allows guests to build their own packages
  • Direct integration with Nor1's eStandby upselling solution
  • Sophisticated reporting tools
  • 24/7 Multi-lingual Voice services to answer your hotel's direct reservations calls

Assegai technology is the same as used by all Leading Hotels of the World, Small Luxury Hotels of the World, HotelRez, Four Seasons, Oberoi, and many other luxury global brands and distinguished individual hotels.

Assegai Booking Engine Examples

Faircity Quatermain, South Africa
Shamwari Game Reserve, South Africa
La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Ghana

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Choosing the right automated Revenue Management System for your hotel is a complex and expensive task. We have working experience with the world's leading revenue systems providers and have enjoyed the greatest success with EzRMS.

  • We believe these systems are there to benefit the entire hotel, and therefore the wider management team should feel sufficiently comfortable to access the system in their daily decision making - revenue systems are not just for revenue managers.
  • User friendly for entire management team
  • Proven success - chosen by over 400 hotels around the world
  • Compatible with all major PMS and CRS systems

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As much as technology may enable us, it does not lead us and human skills, knowledge and experience are still the key requisites for success. Employees get promoted, move on and seek new opportunities, and this means there is a constant need for re-training and education. In days gone by it was accepted that it would take as long as six months for new Revenue, Sales and Reservations managers to "settle in" and begin to deliver meaningful returns. In today's world we need fast activation of these new managers.

Revenue Performance provides education and coaching for hotel commercial teams as well as individual managers.

Training Programmes

Revenue Performance Academy
Our fully interactive and most popular training programme designed for the entire hotel Commercial team. Excellent team building event with competitive and interactive engagement over two or three day onsite training customised to your hotel's or brand's needs, structure and terminology. The Academy includes a live Case Study, post-course project and written examination. A highly effective means to kick-start your revenue culture within days.

Reservations Skills
Hotel Reservations teams can make or break more deals than any other employee in the hotel. Hotel Direct calls and emails offer the highest opportunity for conversion at the lowest cost, and no one can sell your hotel better than your own employees. Despite the massive growth in e-channels, direct sales still typically account for the largest segment of sales.

Our Reservations Skills training can be delivered either via onsite training or a series of modular online based training classes. Both of these mediums require extensive accreditation to reach the desired levels of performance improvement.

Upselling for Front Desk and Reservations
Upselling is now an accepted part of every sales interaction, yet many hotels are still upgrading, rather than upselling. Our Upselling Skills training provides employees with a structured means to apply confident and effective upselling within brand/hotel standards and in alignment with the employee's individual personality and vocabulary. This programme can be delivered both onsite or via online, self-paced learning and accreditation.

Individual Employee Coaching
Many hotels want to develop and retain key individual talent. Skills enhancement that leads to superior performance and subsequently promotional opportunities is the most successful means of retaining key talent and enhancing hotel performance. We offer fully customised programmes to coach and develop key talent in order to accelerate performance.

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We are spoilt for choice when it comes to hotel website design, however how do you select a vendor that understands the hotel industry and can explain and guide you through each important step of the process.

Our web design team can quickly assemble a hotel website, micro-sites and html newsletters for your hotel's commercial requirement. All services are delivered in alignment with the current best practices and are fully SEO-optimised.

  • Hotel Website Creation: choose from one of our existing designs, or commission your own site optimised according to the hotel industry's current Best Practices.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: Let us optimise your website within the search engines to increase your website visibility and search engine ranking within Google.
  • Pay per Click Campaigns: Need instant visibility, or looking to promote a Special Rate programme over a specified date range.
  • Html Newsletter Creation: Send us your newsletters and let us quickly convert them to html for email campaigns and eMarketing.
  • Revenue tools creation: We'll create bespoke online tools for your revenue requirements, utilising the popular Cloud technology.
  • Mobile applications: We can create tablet and smartphone applications to optimise all of your mobile needs.

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Exclusive Agents in Africa and Indian Ocean, and all Assegai clients

Nor1 Upgrade is an easy-to-manage program that increases revenue and guest satisfaction, with no upfront costs for hotels.

How it works
After guests reserve a room on your hotel's website, they're offered the opportunity, post-confirmation, to request a discounted upgrade, that is not confirmed until check in. Guests may access information either from a link on the hotel's website, or from an email sent to them by us on the hotel's behalf. Guests view an easy-to-use web page, complete with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions, and commit to pay a reduced price for the upgrade if it is offered.

If the hotel has surplus premium rooms inventory on the night and therefore decides to award the requested upgrade when the guest checks-in, they get it. If not, the original reservation stands.

Convert your potential and make upselling a reality.

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