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Who We Are

Revenue Performance is a strategic advisory firm, specialising in Revenue Management & Distribution solutions. We help hotels, resorts and Guest Houses to focus on a clear business strategy, generate demand and optimise that demand, leading to a positive gain in visibility and gains in market share.

We help you invigorate your Revenue culture, optimise and align your Sales strategy and make more money. Interested? If so, you are in the right place. You may have a need for training, or a new mobile optimised website with inbuilt SEO, a new application to better manage your clients, a daily business dashboard or group and events sales tool, or maybe you just want to improve your direct sales conversions. Either way, we can help.

We've all experienced tougher trading conditions in the past two years, and never before has Revenue Management & Distribution been so vitally important. We need more business and we need to find it via cheaper channels.

The hotel business is not rocket science. In fact, we have been providing accommodation to travellers for hundreds of years. There are just more travellers.

What has changed is technology, and the web has made all of us into aspiring travel agents. This technology has made our competitors smarter and better equipped to out manoeuvre us. Our customers are better equipped, with more choices and shopping tools. However, we are also better equipped. And therein lies the OPPORTUNITY.

We help hotels around the world to perform better through the smart application of the right technology with well trained and committed people.

Performance = Motivation x Ability

There will always be waves on the ocean, much like there will always be opportunities in business. Sometimes the waves may be big, and sometimes they may be small, but those opportunities will always be there.
To ride the wave you have to place yourself in the right place, at the right time and with the right equipment. If you paddle out too far, you will miss the break. If you stay close inshore, the shore break could dump you. You'll have to check the tides and the wind. You need to chose your break carefully.

With determination, a positive attitude and some effort you will get it it right, and enjoy the ride of your life.

The exact same applies to Revenue Management and Distribution - surfing just makes it look more fun!

My Suite

Revenue Performance has developed its own suite of structured revenue enhancement tools to assist hotels springboard their capabilities. These tools make use of the latest of Cloud computing technology.


Our Clients

We are proud to have been sought after by some of the leading hotel brands and distinguished individual hotels from around the globe.


Our Partners

These are organisations that we consider to be in our "Circle of Trust". We believe they offer world class solutions that we trust and are confident to endorse.